Core Group Meetings

The Core Group (CG) is the executive body in charge of supervising the overall network activities, taking urgent decisions on behalf of the MC, and preparing reporting materials. It is composed by the Action Chair, Vice-Chair, Grant Holder, Short Term Scientific Mission Coordinator, ITC Conference Coordinator, Science Communication Manager, Working Groups leaders and co-leaders. They communicate by email and virtual meetings anytime is required but not less than every 6 months.

  • 5.2.2021

    2nd Core Group Meeting

  • 24.11.2020

    At Home Core Workout!

    1st online CG meeting


2nd Core Group Meeting

Agenda for the 2nd Core Group Meeting:

  1. Presentation of PEN-CAFoRR logo and website
  2. Between-group cooperation
  3. Presentation of activities in WGs
  4. What have we achieved so far?
  5. Action plan until 30.04.2021.

1st Core Group Meeting

Agenda for the 1st Core Group Meeting:

  1. Minutes taker election
  2. Short progress report
  3. Next steps planning
  4. Operational level
  • Website (design, material preparation)
  • Multimedia (theme, design, material preparation)
  • Rules for processing of Membership Requests for both WGs and MC
  • Communication Strategy (creation and maintenance of social network accounts)
  • Rules for processing of STSM, TS, and ITC conference applications
  • Preparation for MC online voting.

5. Science level

  • Coordination of WG’s activities
  • Cooperation with other COST Actions and project teams.